Suitcase Speaker MKII rev.a

When your buying things from overseas one often throw a few different options on the order if the price is right, when I was buying parts for the MKII I got a few different amplifier boards to try, one of them was a small 3watt, 2.1 runs off 5v.sku.252048It’s basically the same class as the previous one, but it has a extra subwoofer channe;, I used a not retro case for this one, but once again it was found at an opshop

2016-06-26 15.34.19It kind of cutely matches the large one, I use the same cheap bluetooth module .

USB-3-5mm-Wireless-Bluetooth-Music-Audio-Car-Handsfree-Receiver-Adapter2016-06-26 15.33.11.jpg

I didn’t bother adding an AUX input to this it only uses bluetooth, the box was rather thick so I had to cut out a section and put a plate to attach the knobs. I would have liked to use brass but I only had black plastic, I did a dry burshing on it so it looks less plastic.

2016-08-23 11.10.27.jpg

at 1.3kg is it’s the lightest speaker I’ve built today and the lady I built it for seems to like it and like that it matches the one I have ❤️


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