Wooden screen door [Video]

With summer fast around the corner, the lack of a screen door on our front entrance-way was going to be a problem again, aesthetically a metal security door was out of the question. The first thing I did was measure the door frame, F%&$*, it wasn’t a standard size so buying one off the shelf was out of the question, so I had to make my own, starting with 90x19mm (3 1/5×3/4 inch) tas OAK I got 60% off at masters going out of business sale I got to work.

I had a few technical problems and user errors on this project, first I put my mortise on the wrong side of the line.


as you can see the middle rail should be lower, I didn’t notice until after assembly, doh!

and in spite of my best efforts the stain I have been using on other doors around the house didn’t take to the oak at all, thankfully I was able to find some gel stain and that worked really nicely.


yes it’s an interior stain, but the door is under cover and doesn’t really get any rain on it and it has clear coat.

The part of this project that actually took the most time was filling, sanding  and repainting the doorway.


2016-11-23-14-11-24-large 2016-11-23-19-41-51-large 2016-12-03-20-14-06-large

I got some really nice hardware from the lovely people at brass plus in Tempe, I covered the screen with a simple moulding with a rabbet cut out to leave room for the screen.

all and all I  am really happy how it came out.




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