Decoupage Comicbook Desk

One of my favourite, all be it flawed projects was my decoupage desk, I started with an inexpensive copy of Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Vol 1 36. My first problem cam from the fact the the spray adhesive I used didn’t secure the pages very well and between the time I pasted them to the time I was able to put some polyurethane on them they moved around.976343_10201292901147197_1554449302_o

Deciding to paint it black after pasting down the pages also made things unnecessarily difficult. 978003_10201292984909291_1639328918_o

But it really ended up looking good, the black border matching really well with the comic book aesthetic. The first oil based paint I used never ended up drying and I had to sand it back and paint it again!1015587_10201447604654688_1315090729_o

Finding things such as small screws on this desk has also proven difficult due to the busy nature of the design.

967322_10201326855036023_1405011268_omint in the box (2013)

After only about 2 years I am about ready to retire the “strange desk” the problem with the adhesive lead to a lot of the art work peeling up and tearing off. The finish rubbed off quickly, doing more coats of urethane might have helped (I did 7) but proper adhesion of the paper to the wood and using a pour epoxy would have been better. In hindsight the adhesion problem was caused by the fact that the table had been refinished already with a rub on oil and that wasn’t sufficiently removed.2015-11-17 20.06.07It’s seen better days

And while that does give it nice punk rock aesthetic, my needs have changed, I no longer us my laptop as my everyday computer. But it’s still been one of my favorite desks



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